Special event

Join Waterloo’s COP27 delegates for a discussion on the crucial issues that need to be tackled at the upcoming international climate change negotiations and Canada’s role. This will also be a chance to learn about the expertise that each of the delegates brings to the table, spanning topics of health, governance, energy, and communications.

The science on climate change is clear – urgent action is required to deal with the increasing risks of a warming planet. So, what can we do? On April 27, join Professor Sarah Burch as she speaks with climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe, who The New York Times called “one of the nation's most effective communicators on climate change.” They’ll discuss strategies for scaling up individual and collective climate action, and how to navigate difficult conversations about our changing planet. They’ll also address your most pressing questions and weigh in on what we’re all wondering – is there hope?  

Join us for an informative discussion on the findings of Health Canada's latest national report, Health of Canadians in a Changing Climate. Lead authors, Peter Berry, Rebekka Schnitter and Paddy Enright, will reflect on the key insights from the wide-ranging report, and highlight the priority knowledge gaps facing Canadians. This will be followed by a Q&A with a panel of Waterloo's climate change and health experts who will reflect on Canada's next steps.