SPCOM 4th Annual Pop-Up Art Exhibit

Monday, March 20, 2017

And So, We Unravel: Standing In & Against Rape Culture

SPCOM 4th Annual Pop-Up Art Exhibit

EXTENDED!  NOW OPEN: March 20th 11-1pm

Theatre of the Arts Gallery, Modern Languages Building

Please join us MONDAY MARCH 20TH for a pop-up art exhibit exploring the prevalence of rape culture in our contemporary lives. These installations feature multi-disciplinary art works that critically examine at the broadest level how the rape culture and gendered power dynamics are supported and circulated throughout institutions, social interactions and popular channels of communication. The installations offer a variety of entry points and interactive avenues to help define rape culture and inspire further conversations with the audience.

The exhibition is put on by students of SPCOM 440 (Performative Inquiry) and represent the culmination of their concentrated research and collaboration on critical/creative responses to the topic of rape culture. The exhibition runs in conjunction with the Theatre and Performance show “Unconscious Curriculum: Rape Culture on Campus,” and the upcoming “Gendered Violence on Campus” panel. As a compliment to the focus on campus rape culture in the panel and performance, the installations reflect on the prevalence of gender based violence more generally within contemporary North American society.

Featured Artists:  Qasim Aaron, Sumair Ali, Kavita Anand, Annie Berki, Holly Bouillon, Jian-Lan Cen, Darel Dean, Zac Gungl, Nivan ElSeweify, Laura Hayashi, Charmaine Hung, Karen Hunt, Andy Knoerck, Allison Lai, Lily Li, Hitesh Mehta, Kulsum Pathan, Kathryn Petrovich, Jimmy Quach, Vivek Ramesh, Khadija Samji, Kaitlyn Skelly, Stavros Stavroulias, Mayer Tanuan, Art Tso, Rachel Warner

We invite you to come and add to the conversation.