The Department of Communication Arts has both a faculty member and a full time staff member who advises Communication Studies students.

Anders Bergstrom is the Associate Chair, Undergraduate Advisor for Communication Studies and be contacted for:

  • to counsel, assist, and advise undergraduate students in their progress through their Arts programs;
  • to provide leadership to the department regarding student affairs and regarding program/curriculum maintenance and development; and
  • to represent the department on the Undergraduate Affairs Group (a Faculty of Arts committee) and to participate in leadership of the Faculty through the Undergraduate Affairs Group’s consideration of Faculty-wide curriculum and policy issues.

Katie Honek is your undergraduate advisor who will assist you with any questions about the Communication Studies program, or any other inquiries you may have..

Declaring a major/joint major/minor

In order to declare a major/joint major/minor in Communication Studies, you should contact Katie Honek. After contacting her, she will guide you on what is necessary in order to be officially placed in the program, including what forms you should complete and which courses to take.

In order to be moved into the program, you must: 

Plan requirements

You can find the requirements on the Undergraduate Calendar according to whichever calendar year you are following.

Anders Bergstrom teaching