Digital Arts Communication

students in DAC 201 giving a presentation

Digital Arts Communication is an eight-course Minor.

Professionals in almost every field need to reach more people, using richer media, in more interactive ways. As a Digital Arts Communication minor student, you’ll learn how to design with digital images, text, sound, and video. And most importantly, you’ll learn to design, develop, and test media to effectively shape the user’s experience by communicating information and arguments, telling compelling stories, and expressing complex ideas.

Digital Arts Communication courses provide students with a hands on, experiential learning environment that is grounded in theories and principles of communication as an audience-centred practice. In each course, you’ll engage in design and production, contributing to a portfolio you can show to Co-op, future employers, or graduate schools. The skills and techniques you learn and develop in the minor are sought out by both public and private sector organizations ranging from education and civic organizations, to corporate communications, to the creative industries.

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Created by Samantha Lim, Anna Chow and Manuel Calvino

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Directed by Mackenzie Derival,Raam Gathathara, Viola Wang

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DAC 302 video created by Cassandra Merilhan, Stephanie Reimer, Olivia Cullen, Zixiao Li. [Fall 2019]

Ephemeral Entropy Artwork

DAC 300, "Ephemeral Entropy" created by Kae Ainsworth and AI (Fall 2023)

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DAC 300 video created by Anya Henderson (Fall 2023)