Department of Communication Arts Distinguished Speaker

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Each year the Department of Drama and Speech Communication's Speaker Series invites one distinguished scholar and/or practitioner to address critical issues in the study or practice of performance, communication and design. These Distinguished Speakers engage communication, performance and design as both mode and subject of inquiry, fostering greater appreciation and understanding of the social relevance of meaning making. Students, faculty and staff from across the University, as well as members of the public, are invited to attend and to participate in discussions following the events and engage the conversations they foster.

2015 Distinguished Speaker

In This Moment: Thoughts on Anti-Racism, Social Justice, Decoloniality and Radical Collectivities

By Professor Rinaldo Walcott from the Department of Social Justice Education and the Women and Gender Studies Institute, University of Toronto

Monday, March 23, 2015 | 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Humanities Theatre

In This Moment: Thoughts on Anti-Racism, Social Justice, Decoloniality and Radical Collectivities addresses the ways in which debates concerning the decolonial project and social justice presently occupy a certain unthoughtfulness that needs to be thought. Professor Walcott places both decoloniality and social justice in conversation with the aim of generating a call for thinking a radical collective imaginary.

Indeed, the question that bears down on decoloniality and social justice ideas, discourses and even practices is – what kinds of futures might constitute their ultimate trajectory? This talk thus probes and also risks the articulation of imagining a radical collectivity-yet-to-come. It seeks to insert the following question into the debate – what kinds of politics might be required in the present so that other kinds of futures might be glimpsed.
- Professor Rinaldo Walcott