Unravelling the Ligatures of Ashley Smith

Ensemble in Melanie Bennett’s From Solitary to Solidarity: Unravelling the Ligatures of Ashley Smith. Directed by Andy Houston. Set design by Gill Lesperance. Costume design by Sharon E. Secord. Lighting & Video design by Paul Cegys. [March 2014]

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MustardPoster for the play, Mustard.

The Theatre and Performance program has chosen to produce scenes from Mustard as part of the winter 2022 term.  

Written by: Kat Sandler

Directed by: Liza Balkan

Associate Director: Emily Radcliffe

Performances: March 25, 2022 at 12:00 pm (Livestream and in person); March 24 - 26, 2022 at 7:30 PM

Tickets: $15 General Public / $10 students & seniors / $10.00 General Public Matinee (Fri. 25 at noon only) / $5 eyeGO / $2 Livestream matinee for Highschools

Venue: Theatre of the Arts/Livestream (matinee, high schools only)

What was your special toy or stuffy when you were little? When did you let it go? Did you? Why? Do you still have it? Why?  

Mustard is a comic-tragic play, that can be silly at times, but it is also about a lot of very serious and scary things, including divorce, alcoholism, suicide, mental health, teen pregnancy and growing up, which can be violent, tragic, funny, and magical all at once. At its core Mustard is a play about love: we are watching real people deal with real problems with real stakes, trying to find ways to love and be loved, and some of those people just happen to be magical.

Written by award-winning Canadian playwright, Kat Sandler. We meet a mother and daughter on the verge of total breakdown. The other member of the household is the daughter's imaginary friend she’s had forever. We also meet a boyfriend, and a couple of other wildly extraordinary folk who arrive with a crucial job to do. It is an action - packed three days! Mustard is filled with outrageous, gorgeous, wonder - and this is a golden commodity that can take practice to hold on to as we get older.

As the program’s first ever hybrid production (live and Livestreamed), Mustard aims to connect our communities in times of uncertainty through the medium of live theatrical performance. There will be both a digital and physical dramaturgy Hub and Engagement Space within the Theatre of the Arts and on the website for the performance, which can be found at These spaces aim to provide context to our audience’s experience of the play and production, from research sources and themes of the work to the creative vision of the artistic team. Don’t miss this important aspect of Mustard.


Trevor Sinke - Mustard

Hannah Daudlin - Sadie

Kassidy Shaw - Thai

Katharine Sill - Bug

Nancy Zhou - Leslie

Matthew Wiebe - Jay


Liza Balkan - Director

Emily Radcliffe - Assistant Director

Anna Treusch - Set and Props Designer

Nadine Grant - Costume Designer

Stephanie Dilnot - Associate Costume Designer

Paul Cegys - Lighting Designer

Colin Labadie - Sound Designer

Daniel Levinson - Fight Director

Melinda Little - Acting Coach

Sorouja Moll - Supervising Dramturg