student giving presentation on stage in font of large screen

Speech Communication student gives presentation in Theatre of the Arts.

In this exciting, highly interactive program, you’ll explore how our everyday forms of communication create meaning and shape our perspective of the world. This degree is unique within Canada for our experience-based study of verbal, non-verbal, visual, and digital communication practices.

As a Communication Studies student, you will examine the cultural, social and political impact of media technologies, communication practices and popular culture. You will explore the importance of communication for identity and representation (including race, ethnicity, gender, class, and sexuality), resistance and social justice, crisis and conflict, and environmental action and dissent. 

You’ll also learn to master interviewing skills, become adept at public speaking, and communicate effectively as a leader. By studying the dynamics of communication in your personal interactions, classrooms, and workspaces, as well as in your use of online and digital spaces, you will come to understand the importance of communication for how we understand and interpret every aspect of the world around us.

Over the course of your degree, you’ll hone your written and oral communication skills while developing expertise in teamwork, research, visual and digital literacy, and critical analysis — just the kind of skills that employers are hungry for. Enrolling in the co-op stream will provide insights into possible careers and paid work experience along the way.