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Sorouja Moll

Sorouja Moll has a PhD in Humanities (Concordia) specializing in the fields of Communication, English, and Art History. She also holds a BA and MA in English from the University of Guelph. As an interdisciplinary communication scholar, her research-creation practice undertakes a multimodal critical discourse analysis of all forms of media including adaptations of Shakespeare in Canada, and an intersectional approach to nineteenth-century archival and narrative-based communication structures and applications, and their present day manifestations in, among other areas, nation, memory, and identity. Moll’s areas of research include the oral histories of mixed-race identity; Indigenous and non-Indigenous relationship re-building practices and education as meaningful and sustainable; and creating spaces in which transgression, enunciation, ambiguity, and emancipation can be explored through performance, creative writing, and research practices.

Her book, All the Rage: The Trial of Louis Riel & Nineteenth-Century Canadian Media, is a critical discourse analysis of the circulating press during the trial of the Métis leader and its present day implications. The book is under contract with UBC Press. She was also a collaborator on The Mush Hole Project (2016), a site-based performance and artist installation work at Canada’s first residential school which responds to the Truth and Reconciliation Committee's Final Report and its Call to Action. The collaborative project is preparing for a publication to document the event.


Moll, Sorouja. (2018). “The Spectre of Louis Riel: Opera, Archive, and The Silent Witness.” Canadian Theatre Review. 174: 52-55. Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press. 

Moll, Sorouja. (Forthcoming). “‘I can't leave’: The Iconography of Hysteria and Heroines.” Marvel’s Jessica Jones Project. Calgary, AB: University of Calgary Press.

Moll, Sorouja. (2016). “Writing Names: UnSilencing the Number of Missing and Murdered Women in Canada.” Canadian Theatre Review. 168: 94-99. Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press.

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