Paul Cegys

(519) 888-4567 x 47911
Location: ML 129

Paul Cegys’ work merges multiple practices of performance creation and design, from theatre and opera to site-specific installation and intermedial VR/MR scenographies.

waist to head shot of Paul Cegys
 He has worked abroad in the United States, India, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Poland and Lithuania, and for such companies as La Monnaie/De Munt (Royal Belgian Opera), Canadian Stage Company, Soulpepper Theatre Company, Opera Hamilton, and Theatre Aquarius. Upholding his commitment to ecological imperatives he merges his artistic work with his sustainability practice (MSc. in Sustainability Science and Environmental Studies, Lunds University, Sweden). Paul is currently part of the design team for the Digital Oral Histories for Reconciliation VR project funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and in partnership with Oculus VR. He currently serves as the Digital Curator for the Canadian Student and Emerging Artists Exhibit for PQ19 and is the Co-Curator and Workgroup Leader for the 36Qº installation project as part of PQ19. Paul teaches courses related to lighting and projection design, scenography, virtual and interactive theatre, technical production, and sustainability. He is currently a PhD. student in the School of Arts, Design and Architecture at Aalto University in Finland.