Actors from welcome to the tree museum dancing

Joanna Cleary and cast of welcome to the tree museum performing (March 2019)

If you are planning to graduate in the new curriculum in June or November 2024 you will need to complete a capstone project in the 2023-24 academic year.  Capstone projects are worth 1.5 academic units (or three courses).

Please submit this application no later than March 31st.

For more information please contact Andy Houston.

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For example, you have required courses for a joint major that are only offered in the fall so you want your capstone to be in winter or spring. Keep in mind that on top of the usual production commitments, capstone students have reading, written assignments and meetings with the Theatre & Performance advisor on a weekly basis. (150 word maximum)
Be specific. In what way will these outcomes grow your technique? What skills / tasks do you want to be able to do independently after this project? (250 word maximum)
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