Gong-Harn Public-key Cryptosystem (GH-PKC) Software Implementation


With the emergence of the 3G (third-generation) networks for mobile communications, data security becomes even more important. Designing cryptosystems that meet both the power contraints and computing constraints of mobile units is very challenging. The GH-PKC reduces the size of the modulus and speeds up the computations of the same degree of security as existing cryptosystems. Our research focus is on software implementation of the GH-PKC and analysis on its performance over the existing cryptosystems.


The GH Public-key Cryptosystem (GH-PKC) was developed by G. Gong and L. Harn in 1999. This cryptosystem is based on the third-order linear feedback shift register (LFSR) sequences with a particular phase. Such a particular LSFR sequences are called a characteristic sequence. The elements of the sequences are taken from a finite field GF(q). The security of GH-PKS is based on the difficult of the solving discrete logrithm in the extension GF(q3) of GF(q).

The part of the GH Diffie-Hellman (GH-DH) key agreement protocol was published in the proceddings of ChinaCrypto'1998 and the GH-DH together with the GH-RSA type was published in the November 1999 issue of IEEE Transactions on Information Theory.

Two important features of the GH-PKC:

  • GH-PKC has the same modular size as the elliptic curve public-key system while achieving the same 1024 bit security level for q = p2 .
  • GH-PKC can be resistant to power analysis attack and timer analysis attack without increasing cost of computation.

The XTR, presented at Crypto'2000 by Lenstra and Verheul, is a special case of the special type of characteristic sequences when q = p2.

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