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Frequently asked questions

How do I register to hood a student?

Supervisors of master's and PhD grads are invited to participate in convocation by hooding the students that they have taught, advised, supervised and mentored throughout their years as a master's or PhD student. To request to be a graduate hooder, send an email to faculty.convocation@uwaterloo.ca

University of Waterloo faculty and staff as well as faculty of other post-secondary institutions are invited to hood a student, family member, friend or colleague who is graduating with a master's or a PhD degree. To request to be a special hooder, please send an email to faculty.convocation@uwaterloo.ca.

Due to new undergraduate hooding protocols, undergraduates will hood themselves prior to crossing the stage.

Graduate and special hooders participate in the Chancellor's Procession and sit on stage throughout the ceremony.

How do I register to be in the faculty procession?

Faculty members and invited senior staff members are invited to participate in convocation by taking part in the Faculty Procession. To participate, send an email to faculty.convocation@uwaterloo.ca.

How do I register to be in the Chancellor's procession?

By invitation only, the Chancellor's procession is comprised of active ceremony participants as well as senior administration and is the last procession to enter the venue. If you have been invited to participate in the Chancellor’s procession, complete the Chancellor's procession registration.

Can staff volunteer at convocation?

Yes. Visit the ambassador section for more information on roles, frequently asked questions and to register to volunteer at convocation. We welcome all new ambassadors. Training is provided.

If you have a question that isn’t covered, please contact us.