Cybersecurity and Privacy Challenge

Our economy depends on digital products, services, and communications, and we rely on cybersecurity and privacy to protect our information, infrastructure and safety. This new digital economy holds tremendous promise for increased prosperity and innovation, but it also exposes us to a rise in security breaches that puts our economy and privacy at risk, by potentially exposing our business information and strategies, our services and infrastructure, our thoughts and behaviours.

Cyber risk has now become a board-level issue for every company today. While we need to protect the integrity of our current communications infrastructure, power grid, municipal services, and transportation systems, the challenge will accelerate as all devices, sensors and systems are put online.

The University of Waterloo’s Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute builds on our record of creating world-leading cryptography and privacy technologies, to focus on the ambitious mandate of making Canada a global leader in the research, development and commercialization of cybersecurity and privacy solutions.