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Stephanie Feeney

Assistant Museum Curator (Spring 2015)

Stephanie Feeney leaning beside a brick wallI am a third year environmental science undergraduate student with a specialization in ecology. While I love learning about all things living, I also love to learn about the earth sciences. Collecting rocks has always been a hobby of mine. When I was a kid, I would beg my parents to take me to the flea market in my home town so that I could go to the rocks and minerals booths and buy bags of polished stones, agate slices and more. I would also find rocks that I thought were cool on the ground and come home with my pockets full! Now, I use my electives to pursue my passion for the earth sciences.

I am an active member of the University of Waterloo Faculty of Science community. I have been an Orientation Leader for three straight years and a Science Ambassador for two straight years. Becoming the Assistant Museum Curator for my third work term has given me another chance to get involved in a new aspect of the Science community. Interacting with the public and educating others are two things that I enjoy immensely and this position is more fun than I thought a job could be, so I count myself as extremely lucky!

One thing I have learned: there is always more to learn.

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