Cases available externally

The list below is case studies released for use outside of the University of Waterloo.  Our case studies are available for teaching and education purposes.  Please request a case study and we will respond to your enquiry.

Engineers Without Borders – Rainwater Harvesting

Elora Home Heating Retrofit

Foot Brace for Long Distance Running

TROW Geomatics Survey Methods Comparison

Glass Carving Assist Device - Project Management

Virtual Button® MEMS Accelerometer Design

Hydrogen Sulphide Production in Wastewater

Ocean Rider Drive Train Design

ReTiSoft Analysis of Robotic Arm Control

AirTrap Testing by Canmet Energy

eldoLED Temperature Sensor Analysis

WCDE Office Door Lock Retrofit

Golf Club Cleaner Design

University of Waterloo Model Train System Design

Walter Fedy Structural Analysis of Lang Tannery

Software Development of UW Event & Resource

Analysis of a MEMS Micro-Power Generator

Umbrella Design to Combat Wind Effects

RJ Burnside & Associates: Blue Mountain Resort Intersection Resdesign

Design, Analysis and Construction of a Tensegrity Table

Optimizing a Methanol Production Process

Bromine Safer Design Application

Dhaka Solid Waste Treatment

Christie BCB Power Supply Circuit Design

Systemgroup Validation Message Control Design

Autonomous Household Robot Design

Nigeria Alternative Electricity Supply Analysis

Digital-rapids Mulimedia Software Analysis

Dynaplas Manufacturing Optimal Inventory Level Analysis

Electrical Design of a Heat Rejection System

Aquashine Carwash Pipe Freeze Protection

Musical Instrument Design

Gumstix Quadrotor Control Algorithm Design

University of Waterloo Alternative Fuels Team EcoCAR 2 Trunk Hinge

Cookie Fotification with Omega-3

Nuclear Waste Container Stress Analysis

Northwest Passage Sea Ice Thickness Analysis

Nuvation Automotive Surge Stopper Circuit Design

Jana Plastic Pipe Application Analysis

University of Waterloo Baja Off-Road Vehicle Drivetrain Design Analysis

National Instruments Over-Current Protection Circuit Design

Mitchell Partnership Water Pump Selection

EcoCAR: The NeXt Challenge Battery Size Selection

Corn Processing Wastewater Treatment

University of Waterloo Formula Motorsports Vehicle Aerodynamic Wing Design

EHV Power Underground High Voltage Cable Installation

WCDE Resource Management Database

CF Industries Process Safety

Virtual Button Accelerometer Fabrication

Automation Puck Design for Gear Manufacturing

Easy-Storing Truck Ramp Design

Kenna File Format Conversion Improvement

Christie Digital Printed Circuit Board Power Distribution Network Improvement

Aftermarket Car Cabin Air Filter  Design

Fuel Cell Car Chassis Analysis

City of Ottawa March Road Culvert Renewal Cost Estimation

CanmetENERGY Analysis of Vacuum Insulation Panels

Tiercon Work Cell Design

Bata Industries Environmental Impact

Renewable Energy Generation in Ontario

Decision Support System for Team Formation

UWRT Rover Robotic Arm Design

Mobile Project Management Application Development

Flood Management in the Grand River Watershed

Maximizing Throughput: The Value of Dispatching Rules

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Impact Assessment

Post Foods Canada, Inc. Process Improvements

Design of an Unmanned Surface Vehicle for Monitoring Tailings

Wescast Permeability of Ceramic Foam Filters

Frequency Modulated Gyroscope Driving Circuit Design

Wall-Mounted Tire Rack Design

Soap Process Investigation

Nahanni Steel Procucts Work Flow Design

Near Miss Lab Incident: A case study regarding Piranha Etch

Statistical Hypothesis of the Eventor App

Analysis of Thermally-Induced Stress in Bonding Wire

Design of a Remotely Adjustable Seat Post for Mountain Bikes

Footprint Chiller and Boiler Analysis

Reducing Wait Times in an Acute Hospital's Emergency Department 

Research Misconduct

Reactive Fire Chemical Analysis

Apple Supply Chain Management

Quality Function Deployment for Tracheal Stent

Ski-hill rescue device

testimonial from Hannah Van Opstal

Hannah Van Opstal

Student, Systems Design Engineering

I think getting case study experience is the first step in really helping students see all the possibilities and everything they can accomplish.