The following criteria will be used for case selection and development. You should check your material against this list before developing it. Note that these build on the criteria for a good work term report. Please use the case summary template for your submission, and be sure to include all requested information. Note that while we have not yet had to limit the number of cases developed through this program, you should get your summary in early to maximize your chance to participate.

Teaching value: The case study content must be aligned with engineering concepts covered in UW engineering courses. Cases which cover concepts across courses and programs are particularly desired. Your case summary must illustrate the teaching value of your proposed case.

Design/analysis opportunity: The case must be suitable for design and/or analysis by students in the context of a course. It should promote critical thinking and offer the opportunity to deal with open-ended problems.

Discussion potential: The case should facilitate lively discussion, perhaps by highlighting uncertainty and requiring engineering judgment for resolution.

Interest level: The case should be interesting and easy to read. It should have a real context, and be more than just “facts and numbers”.

Data: The case should substantially stand alone, with all specific data contained within the case and/or modules. There must be enough information for the reader to reach the same conclusions you did.