Waterloo Cases in Design Engineering (WCDE) was created to enrich the learning environment for students, by creating and implementing case studies throughout the engineering curriculum. Although cases are developed from a variety of sources, most of the cases are developed from students' own experience - from work term reports and design project reports. This makes the cases more relevant and makes students a key partner for WCDE.


Waterloo Cases in Design Engineering relies on students to submit their past or present work term or design project reports as source materials for cases. 

Below is list of benefits that student gain from cases.

  • Publication for resume/scholarship application
  • Promoting research skills
  • Influence curriculum
  • Develops inituition and judgement
  • Motivation for putting effort into work term report
  • Enhanced classroom experience
  • Dealing with ambiguity “ill-posed design problems”
  • Case study competitions
  • Outcome based learning
  • Develops intuition/judgment (more practice!) 

Students sometimes struggle with the writing of work term reports. Information provided by WCDE can be used to guide this process, from selecting a suitable topic, to the stages of report writing, to how to make your report comprehensive and of the highest quality.