University Updates Page for Graduate Students. Highlights:

Canadian Government Page on COVID-19 response for students

Available Resources

The following resources are offered by the GSA-UW and the University of Waterloo:

  • Academic Readiness Bursary: support students registered as a graduate student in the fall 2020 term who may or may have incurred costs related to studying remotely, as a result of COVID-19. These types of expenses could include:
    • computer upgrades, e.g., monitor, webcam, headset
    • quarantine-related expenses (considered on a case by case basis)
    • internet access
  • Thesis Completion Award: for both Master's ($3,000) and Ph.D. ($5,000) students in Spring/Fall 2020.
  • Empower Me: A remote and confidential mental health and wellness service offered through our health plan.
  • Legal consultation helpline for graduate students. Free of charge for the month of April.
  • Student Advising: The GSA-UW advises the graduate students on various issues, and you can always ask us to help navigate various resources available.
  • Student Emergency Fund: The University has recently created this fund to provide short-term financial help with immediate, unexpected expenses of both an academic and non-academic nature.

Other financial support available:

  • Graduate Student Medical Leave Award: Eligible research-based master’s and doctoral students who must go inactive for medical reasons (e.g. physical or mental health) may be eligible to receive financial assistance.
  • Graduate Student Contingency Bursary: The purpose of the Graduate Student Contingency Bursary is to provide short term financial assistance to eligible international students.
  • Graduate Student Parental Leave Bursary: Eight-month Graduate Studies Parental Leave Bursary (includes adoption) to eligible graduate students.
  • Graduate Student Day Care Bursary: Available each term to eligible students with daycare expenses. Daycare expenses include those incurred through a daycare centre, a home daycare, before and aftercare through schools, breaks and summer camps.
  • Emergency Loans: Interest-free emergency loans are available to full-time graduate students who are experiencing short-term financial difficulty.

Other university resources

Contact us if you need help navigating these difficult times.