Admission requirements, fees and scholarships

The choice is yours

The 3+2 Joint International Program in Environment and Business (ENBUS) provides flexibility to Nanjing University of Finance and Economics (NUFE) students coming to the University of Waterloo.

Each NUFE student may apply to enter either co-op or regular stream according to their desire and co-op work preparation from their years at NUFE. Normally, you will automatically be enrolled in the co-op plan - but you can transfer later.

It is recommended that 3+2 students at NUFE complete at least one work term in China in order to have a choice at UWaterloo of either a regular or co-op program in ENBUS.

Admission requirements

Transfer applicants from NUFE to UWaterloo will be considered for admission to the ENBUS Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES) plan based on space available and university academic performance. Before they are enrolled in UWaterloo students must:

  • attain an average of 75% or greater in their first three years of study at NUFE
  • attain 70% or greater in each of the foundation courses offered by UWaterloo at NUFE (Environmental Studies (ENVS) 195 and ENBUS 102 taught by UWaterloo professors at NUFE)
  • pass level 6 Chinese University English with a score of 450 or greater
  • complete the six-week summer English course "English for Academic Success" (EFAS) at UWaterloo (Renison College)

All NUFE students are required to pass the English Language Proficiency Exam (ELPE) at the end of their first fall term at UWaterloo.

Transferring between plans

Recommended courses are the same for NUFE students in the first two terms at UWaterloo.

In the first academic term at UWaterloo, each 3+2 student in the co-op plan will be provided with a private consultation session to evaluate their readiness for co-op work in Canada.

A student may choose to remain in the co-op plan or will be permitted to transfer to the regular plan if academic requirements have been met up to the time of transfer.


You will be responsible for your own expenses during your study at UWaterloo. Expenses include international tuition, health insurance, transportation fees and living expenses. 

All students attending the University of Waterloo are required to enroll in the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) and the University of Waterloo’s Supplementary Health Insurance Plan.

Further information is available at tuition and other fees.


The Faculty of Environment offers a special scholarship of $3,000 CAD to the number one NUFE student entering year 3 of the program in UWaterloo, and $2,000 awards to other top students from NUFE.