Introduction to Equity

Tuesday, January 17, 2023 9:00 am - 12:00 pm EST

Audience: Students, Faculty, Staff
Facilitator: Sarah Grzincic
Level: Introductory

This workshop is a 101 course for those that are looking to get a baseline understanding of core foundational concepts and frameworks.

Workshop Description

This foundational workshop is designed to give you an understanding of equity and how our interactions with one another are shaped by systems of oppression, power, and privilege.

Learning Outcomes

  • Articulate and understand the broader post-secondary and societal contexts for equity, diversity, and inclusion. 
  • Identify and discuss individual, interpersonal, institutional, and systemic barriers for equity-seeking groups. 
  • Identify and discuss strategies to reduce unconscious bias, incorporate inclusive practices into your daily work, and enhance capacity for allyship.

Participant Expectations

  • The workshop is provided in a lecture-style format, with some attendee participation at which point cameras are optional.
  • Participants will engage in small group discussions within break-out rooms. To ensure a safe space, these break-out rooms are optional.
  • Participants are welcome to practice self-care when needed. The workshop includes two scheduled breaks.

Cancellations: Our workshops are in high demand and have limited capacity, often with waiting lists. We kindly ask that if you can no longer attend, you cancel your registration by contacting no later than 24 hours prior to the workshop to make room for those on the waitlist. We acknowledge and understand that things happen, so even if it is a late cancellation (within 24 hours), please still let us know. Others may be able to join in your place. Thank you for accommodating this request.