Risk assessment

Members of the University of Waterloo Fire Research Group have been involved in projects with the former Major Industrial Accidents Council of Canada (MIACC) on their guidelines for Risk Assessment: Recommended Practices for Municipalities and Industry (PDF), with Syncrude Canada on Practical Application of Risk Assessment to Industrial Processes, with the Institute for Risk Research on LPG Movement on the St. Lawrence River and with researchers at Memorial University and Dalhousie University in developmental risk management tools for the offshore oil industry. These projects focus on identification of potential fire hazards and scenarios, as well as assessment of existing fire and fire hazard models for use in quantitative risk assessment in industrial environments. Future extensions relating to fire scenarios in other structures, as well as to other industries and applications will also be undertaken. Risk-related research is very complementary to the large-scale experimental fire capabilities and fire modelling expertise in the UW Fire Research Group.


Risk assessment and fire modelling