About - Who is Laurel Creek

Water is sacred, because it gives life to everything and without water, there is no life.

Thunder Rain Woman, Anishinaabe Nation

The ARTS 490 Team

The journey of creating this website began with an idea Dr. Heidi Swanson (co-instructor) bounced off in the class as a potential “final project” - because of her interest in the Laurel Creek and the trails. We were supported by the entire GES team – Dr. Jennifer Liu (co-instructor), Rebecca Zehr, the Program Coordinator, and Dr. Douglas Peers- the director.

Nancy Goucher

This website was created based on Nancy Goucher’s report of the Laurel Creek. Nancy curated this report in the 4th year of her undergraduate degree and was kind enough to let us create this website based on her findings about the Laurel Creek.

Nancy can be contacted at - nancy.goucher@uwaterloo.ca

Kashish Grover

Kashish is a 4th year Health Studies student at the University of Waterloo. Through the ARTS 490 seminar course, she gained insight into the issues surrounding equitable access and distribution of water- around the world. Water is a particular topic of interest for her, as it is so often referred to as the “liquid of life” and her interests are predominantly human health and life sciences.

A portrait image of Kashish Grover

Ruchi Hamal

Ruchi is a 4th year environmental engineering student at the University of Waterloo, and a student in the ARTS 490 class. Through this course, she gained a newfound appreciation for water as a sacred entity rather than just a resource for human use. Her hope for this website was to showcase the different aspects of Laurel Creek and how the creek has supported and shaped the community.

Portrait image of Ruchi Hamal