Lake Futures - Enhancing Adaptive Capacity and Resilience of Lakes and their Watersheds

Principal Investigator: Nandita Basu
Program Manager: Maggie Norris 

The project will deliver solutions to enhance the ability of water managers to respond to changes in climate and land use that are impacting Canada’s large lakes in order to protect water quality, abate algal blooms and reduce negative impacts on the ecosystem. The first phase of the project focuses on the causes, impacts and mitigation of eutrophication in Lake Erie and Ontario, and the resulting algal blooms and depleted oxygen levels.


Years 1-3 focus on the Great Lakes basin; the second phase of the project (Years 4 to 7) will apply lessons learned to lakes across Canada and other cold regions of the world.

  • Lakes: Erie, Ontario, Bellwood, Conestogo
  • Watersheds: Grand River
  • Urban areas: Greater Toronto Area

Bottom Line

Provide management solutions and cost-effective strategies for lake management that minimize the trade-offs between ecosystem health, water use and economic growth.