Transformative sensor Technologies and Smart Watersheds for Canadian Water Futures

Principal Investigator: Claude Duguay
Project Manager: Marie Hoekstra 

This project will advance our understanding of emerging water issues in cold regions by delivering valuable environmental data that has been collected and integrated from various sources. The data will be derived through the development and testing of sensors on terrestrial, drone, airborne, and satellite platforms.


Fieldwork sites: Conestogo Lake (ON), Sunfish Lake (ON), Hopewell Creek (ON), Norman Wells (NWT), Fortress Mountain/ Kananaskis Valley (AB)

Labs: Cryospheric Remote Sensing Research Facility (University of Waterloo), Smart Water Systems Lab (University of Saskatchewan)

Bottom Line

By using new technologies and integrating data from a combination of sources, we can better understand and address the threats to water resources in the world’s cold regions.