To: Graduate students at the University of Waterloo

From: Jacinda Reitsma, Vice-President, Administration and Finance

Date: Friday, June 2,  2023

Subject: Update: New WatIAM password required

Update: New WatIAM password required

June 2, 2023

  • Internal systems are back online 
  • You must change your WatIAM password

The IST team has successfully completed the internal system reset and you are now required to create a new WatIAM password. 

Please refer to the change your WatIAM password article for guidance or follow the steps at the end of this email, and make sure you create a strong password.  

Reset your password by copying and pasting this link into your web browser:

We recommend you change your password right away. You must create a new password by June 8 if you are currently employed by the University of Waterloo, or by June 22 if you are not employed by the University. When that time expires, you will be locked out of your account and will need to contact IST to unlock it for you. 

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQs on the IST website, or email

Step-by-step password reset instructions 

  1. Log into WatIAM using your 8-character UWaterloo username (e.g. myuserna) and your current password. 
  2. Click on the Change Password button. 
  3. Enter your new password into the Password and Confirm Password fields. The new password must be different from your old password--do not reuse a password. 
  4. Once submitted, click on your name at the top-right corner of the page and select Logout.  

Your password is now reset across all of your UWaterloo accounts such as Quest, Learn, WaterlooWorks, and Outlook

If you have used your UWaterloo password for non-UWaterloo accounts, it is advised to also change those passwords now. 
If you still cannot log in, or see an error about connecting to the domain, contact

Jacinda Reitsma

Jacinda Reitsma
Vice-President, Administration and Finance
Office of the Vice-President, Administration and Finance

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