Which courses should I take?

  • Review your program specific information in the Graduate Studies Academic Calendar to determine which courses are needed to meet your academic requirements.
  • Consult with your academic department and/or supervisor.
  • Review the schedule of classes for graduate students to find out which courses are offered in a term.
  • Write down the class numbers and any related class numbers (e.g., labs, tutorials) for all courses you wish to take.
  • Choose classes and related classes (if applicable) that do not conflict or overlap.
  • Course enrolment is required when a fee arrangement has been made unless you are:
    • engaged in thesis preparations
    • doing research
    • are on an approved leave (inactive)
    • are on an approved work term

Check to ensure that there is still room in the class(es)

  • Review the Schedule of Classes for graduate students.
  • Check the enrl tot (total number of students enrolled) and the enrl cap (class limit) columns.
  • Subtract the enrl cap number from the enrl tot. This number indicates the number of available seats; however, you need to determine whether the available seats are reserved or unreserved.
  • If the available seats are reserved (you need to look for the number of available seats for those that are reserved), then you need to ask yourself, do I fit the reserve category? If so, you may enrol. If not, you can only enrol if there are unreserved seats available.
  • If you have difficulty understanding how many reserved or unreserved seats are available, please review the image below.  If you require an accessible version of this image please contact Zoe Tipper.

How to read Schedule of Classes


  1. If there are no free reserved or unreserved spaces available, you'll need to obtain a permission number (see below).
  2. If there is room in a class and it looks like you should be able to enrol but Quest will not allow you to enrol, it may be because the Schedule of Classes hasn't been updated (twice an hour from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.)

When and how do I enrol in courses?

  • Review the important dates calendar to determine the class enrolment period (this date changes each term).
  • Use Quest (Quest website) to enrol in your courses.
  • Visit the Quest website for step by step instructions on how to enrol.
  • For courses with enrolment restrictions, contact your Graduate Department Co-ordinator to get a permission number.
  • Not all courses can be added in Quest; an approved Graduate Studies course drop and add form (Graduate Studies forms website) will be required if:

    • You are requesting to take the course(s) for Audit or as Extra to your degree.
    • The Graduate Open Class Enrolment period has ended.
  • Ensure that your course enrolment is accurate by reviewing My Class Schedule in Quest (Quest website).