What is GRADflix?

GRADflix is a research communication opportunity for graduate students. Participants will create a video, moving slide show, or animation of no longer than 60 seconds (one minute) in length that describes their research. 

Why you should participate?

  • Learn a new skill: use digital narrative to explain a complex idea, and develop your "elevator pitch" while doing so!
  • Expand your network: having a video about your research will make it easier to network online. Add the video to your LinkedIn profile, or add a link to your resume. In addition, the GRADflix showcase event will allow you to network with other students, judges, and faculty members. 
  • Broaden your communication skills: this competition will be developing your research communication skills, while teaching you how to communicate to non-specialist audiences. 
  • Gain greater exposure for your research: video is an accessible, easy-to-share format for telling your research story. 
  • Win prizes: you'll have the chance to win a monetary prize.
  • Apply the skills you learn through this competition to your teaching: many professors use technology in the classroom, and video is one way to integrate technology in to your teaching.
  • Enter more competitions: depending on your field of study, your video may meet the criteria for submission to SSHRC's Storytellers competition.  Consider submitting your video to other competitions, too!

Final Showcase