Master students

Daniel Ding (September 2022 - April 2024)

Faris Elmanakhly (September 2020 - April 2022)

Visiting students

Ankit Singh (MASc, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, January - April 2022)

Soukaina Skribbe (MASc, RWTH Aachen University, November 2022 - November 2023)

Swayamprakash Biswal (PhD, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, September - November 2022)


Hayden Kebbel (September –December 2023, President's Research Award)

Aamer Akhand (May –August 2023, NSERC USRA Award)

Kevin Zhou (May –August 2023, President's Research Award)

Kavya Arun (May –August 2023)

Stuti Niral Dave (May –August 2023, President's Research Award)

Evan Dodd (May –August 2023)

Lalit Aaswani (May –August 2023, Mitacs Globalink Research Intern)

Anirudh Nanduri (May –August 2023, Mitacs Globalink Research Intern)

Jade Zhang (May –August 2023)

Manal Khan (January –April 2023, President's Research Award)

Christopher Moniz (January –April 2023, President's Research Award)

MufengLiu (September –December 2022, President's Research Award)

Shrey Patel (May –August 2022, Mitacs Globalink Research Intern)

Anusha Richelle (May –August 2022, Mitacs Globalink Research Intern)

Ada Hong (May –August 2022)

Milind Ajith Nayak (September 2021 –April 2022) 

Milind Jain (September –December 2021, September –December 2023, President's Research Award)

Andrew Barlow (September –December 2021)

Yu Chun Fu (May –August 2021)

Alyssa Leon (May –August 2021)

Ritika Aggarwal (June –August 2021, Mitacs Globalink Research Intern)

Maria Fraser Semenoff (January –April 2021, Co-op student)

Ryan Quan (January 2021 –current, President's Research Award)

Rithu Muthalathu (January –April 2021)

Yewon Kwak (September -December 2020)

May Farhad (September 2020 –current, President's Research Award, NSERC USRA Award)

Lucas Wen (May –August 2020, President's Research Award)

Michael Giovanniello (May 2020 –July 2022, the IGEC 2022 Best Student Presentation Honorable Mention)