Welcome to Greener Production @ Waterloo

Our goal is to understand how to utilize renewable resources to improve global living standards.

Greener Production Group combines expertise in system optimization, process integration, and techno-economics to study sustainable technologies for energy conversion and chemical production (e.g., hydrogen/ammonia production, energy storage, CO2 capture and utilization, biomass and hydrocarbon valorization). 

Both experimental and numerical methods are applied to obtain a fundamental understanding of the energy, economic and environmental impacts. We are interested in processes that require multiple energy inputs and can be utlized to decarbonize multiple sectors. Process modelling, energy system optimization, techno-economic analysis and life-cycle assessments are some of the tools that we use to evaluate the impacts of these processes. While the goal is not to develop new technologies, our group aims to provide critical information to the public for decision making. 

We are looking for self-motivated undergraduates, graduates (both master and PhD), postdocs and visiting scholars to join our sustainable endeavour. Find out more about current opportunities in the openings page.

If you are interested in collaborating with our group, sponsoring some projects, or just chatting about energy and sustainability, please contact XiaoYu!

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