Flexible hybrid energy storage system

Low-cost, large-capacity, long-duration energy storage is essential for large penetration of the variable renewable energy (VRE) such as solar and wind into the electric grid, as well as for the renewable isolated micro-grids in remote communities. 

We aim at optimizing large-scale long-duration energy storage technologies by combining different energy storage technologies (e.g., Li-ion battery, thermochemical, hydrogen and compressed air) to utilize their respective advantages. This will allow more variable renewables into the grid while keeping the grid stable. We are also developing hybrid energy storage for 100% renewable-power isolated grids for remote applications.

A hybrid battery and hydrogen storage system is shown below:

a system network showing the hybrid energy storage system

Novel materials are being developed in our group for energy storage and thermal management

a schematic showing thermal energy storage materials

This project is sponsored by an NSERC Discovery Grant, "Thermochemical energy storage based on nano-structured oxides."