Cleaner hydrogen and ammonia production

sketch on hydrogen economy Hydrogen is an energy carrier, a fuel, and a commodity. Currently, more than 90% of hydrogen is from fossil fuel reforming without carbon capture due to the cost and energy penalty of carbon capture. (Read more about our editorial article in Frontiers in Energy Research).

To decrease the energy penalty of carbon capture and storage, we are developing thermally and chemically integrated systems for hydrogen separation using inorganic mixed ionic-electronic conducting (MIEC) membranes. These MIEC materials also have outstanding catalytic performances for water splitting and ammonia synthesis to achieve green hydrogen production.

Our group is also exploring renewable ammonia production technologies to reduce carbon emissions. Renewable ammonia can be used for energy storage, marine transportation, and sustainable agriculture.  

Membrane-supported water splitting

An MIEC oxygen permeable membrane can be used to facilitate water splitting for clean hydrogen production. A schematic is shown here:

membrane supported H2O splitting

XiaoYu gave a talk on the membrane-supported water splitting technology for hydrogen production. The recording is here: