Information Systems & Technology Annual Report

Other 2018 accomplishments

What has been done? What does this mean?  Which IST group led this project?
Implementation of TeamDynamix Knowledge Base Provides central repository of support resources for IT services and systems. Client Services (CS), Portfolio Management Group (PMG)
Launch of the new Davis Centre (DC) Service Desk Enhanced Davis Centre desk to provide a better user experience for on-campus IT support. CS
Microsoft Office 365 advancement  Promotion of Office 365 to staff and faculty, including new 365 and Teams training courses. CS
IST website revitalization The IST website has been updated to provide an improved user experience and includes a service status tool, online chat feature, and improved IT service search options.  CS
Design and implementation of Co-op interview paging system in Portal To provide students with convenient, real-time interview paging notifications through Portal.  CS
Launched Project and Portfolio Management Community of Practice (PPM-CoP) Seeks to continuously improve, evolve, share, and accelerate learning of PPM practices at the University of Waterloo through regular engagement and thought partnerships. See the PPM-CoP website. PMG
Implemented Business Continuity Planning software Purchased and implemented a software solution for Business Continuity Planning. Rollout to pilot departments is underway. PMG
Launched IST Strategic Plan Initiatives Several initiatives have been completed and are underway to achieve our goal, “Together we deliver.” See the IST Strategic Plan site. PMG
New Introduction to Project Management training course Launched Introduction to Project Management course, the first course in a planned series on project management. PMG
Transition of WatIAM to the new Sailpoint IIQ platform New system provides ability to enhance access management capability.  Information Security Services (ISS)
Re-design of the Privacy & Security Impact Assessment process Streamlines and provides clarity on overall process.  ISS
Implementation of Kuali New main administration systems for the Office of Research Ethics. Departmental and Campus Applications (DCA)
Upgrade of Intellectual Property Disclosure Tool Completed for Waterloo Commercialization (WatCo) office. DCA
Waterloo Passport system upgrade Administrative system for student exchange/study abroad applications. DCA
Implementation of a Training and Development Registration System Will allow groups on campus, who previously administered their non-employee training through the MyHRInfo system, to use a centrally supported solution on an ongoing basis. DCA
Upgrade of the Campus Wellness Electronic Medical Records system Will allow Campus Wellness workstations to be updated to Windows 10, and improvements in the clinical functionality to support the day-to-day use of Health Service providers on campus. DCA
Workday integrations Architecture, design and delivery of integration across campus. Data Integration and Analysis, Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP)
Implemented Rhapsody in production To improve integration capabilities between enterprise systems.  Data Integration and Analysis, ERP
Further extension of SourceAPI to support Portal and other applications SourceAPI was updated with new data endpoints to support systems like Portal, the new Q-Nomy system in the Student Success Office, Tuition Benefit, and various other student and staff facing forms in WCMS. Data Integration and Analysis, ERP
Implemented a new version of the applicant load Updated and improved receipt of the applicant file from the Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC) Student Systems, ERP
XML Transcripts Delivery of transcripts has now moved to an XML format as required for the upgrade to Campus Solutions 9.2. Student Systems, ERP
Proof of Enrolment Letters Proof of enrolment letters are now available through a self-service online option. Student Systems, ERP
OSAP Confirmation of Enrolment  Disbursement and receipt of OSAP payment processes have been improved to increase accuracy and reduce payment disbursement time. Student Systems, ERP
Student Banking (EFT) Allows all students to provide banking information to allow the deposit of refunds. Student Systems, ERP
Apply to Graduate (Graduate Students) Gives graduate students the ability to 'apply to graduate' within Quest.  Student Systems, ERP
Milestone 7 Upgrade This upgrade provides support and vendor management assistance for the Unit4 upgrade. Financial Systems, ERP
Deprecation of FORE/EBS
Cognos 'FORE' financial reporting has been replaced with MSBI reports. EBS financial data has been archived while exposed data is managed via MSBI reporting. FORM 300 reporting has been developed for the Office of Research in Unit4. Financial Systems, ERP
Unit4 Financial reporting Improvements in Unit4 Financial Month End reporting. Financial Systems, ERP
Second Shopify Store to support the Student Service Centre (SSC) Multiple forms will be available through the online store for purchase (ie. diplomas, letters of permission, proof of enrolment). Financial Systems, ERP
Campus Solutions 9.2 upgrade to 8.55 and PUM 5 Moved to the newest version of Campus Solutions allows for the most up-to-date security updates. Application and Database Administration, ERP
Implemented campus-wide ADFS authentication service Provides a more secure method of authentication. Technology Integrated Services (TIS)
Deployed Office 365 and Microsoft Teams to staff and faculty Supported the deployment of Office 365 to staff and faculty. TIS
Upgraded to SharePoint 2016 A major upgrade that required significant testing and site migration support. TIS
Virtual Private Network (VPN) upgrade Implemented new campus VPN hardware and core network upgrades with distribution routers and fire walls. TIS
Launched data centre co-location service IST now provides faculty and researchers data centre co-location services and virtual machine (VM) resource pools. TIS

IST projects and initiatives

Please visit the IST Projects page for a full list of projects or initiatives and their descriptions and status. This report includes work completed over the past year.

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