University of Waterloo external connectivity

Provider Peering Bandwidth
Rogers General 10 gbps
Openface General 10 gbps
ORION Research and other 10 gbps

Waterloo's connection to ORION carries the traffic to/from all of the universities and most of the colleges in Ontario, and, via CA*net4, in the rest of Canada, in the US, and in other countries that have advanced research and education networks.

ORION also has peering agreements with many of the ISPs that connect to  the Toronto Internet Exchange (TORIX) at 151 Front Street. Those agreements enable the exchange of traffic, at no cost, between ORION-connected institutions and the directly connected customers of those ISPs, but they do not allow transit traffic (traffic over links those ISPs have to other ISPs).

Waterloo's School of Architecture (Cambridge), the Distance and Continuing Education department (Kitchener), School of Pharmacy (Kitchener) and Victoria School (Kitchener) are connected to the campus network via a 1Gbps ethernet VLAN service provided by Rogers.