Stationary equipment security protection guidelines

Campus physical security guidelines and minimum standards for stationary equipment 


Stationary equipment including PCs, data projectors and video monitors at the University of Waterloo require a set of operating guidelines and minimum standards to meet the needs of clients, Information Systems & Technology (IST) and Campus Security.

Stationary equipment protection manufacturer

The manufacturer of choice for stationary equipment protection is Computer Security Products, Inc. (PCTab)


The goal of these guidelines is to: 

  • Streamline the process for installation and upgrades of Stationary Equipment Security Protection systems by clearly identifying roles and responsibilities of those involved.
  • Reduce the incidence of false alarms.
  • Prevent unauthorized removal or tampering of protected equipment.   



  • The client is responsible for contacting IST Physical Security to ensure correct installation, addition or upgrade of the Stationary Equipment Security Protection systems (a description and costs can be found on the Physical Security Costs page). The client should submit a request using the IST Request System or send email to
  • Provide Campus Security a minimum of two contact names, including work and home numbers, and an email address.

IST physical security

  • Install and test Stationary Equipment Security Protection system based on client’s request.
  • Primary contact for Stationary Equipment Security Protection system failures following client’s initial inspection.
  • Provide training to the client on how to remove protected equipment for maintenance proposes.
  • Provide client with contact information forms.

Special Constable Service (to be approved by Special Constable Service)

  • Monitor and respond to alarms.
  • Investigate alarm instances.

False alarms

  • When a Stationary Equipment Security Protection system generates a false alarm the contact is immediately contact the alarm monitoring station (Campus Security) at extension 22222 , provide their name, and the room number protect by the system.

Disciplinary action

  • The Director of Campus Security reserves the right to suspend Stationary Equipment Security Protection monitoring or response for any client that fails to address protracted problems with a Stationary Equipment Security Protection system.

These guidelines are subject to periodic review and update.