There are several tools available for emailing large numbers of people. GroupMail is particularly suited to personalized mailings. In some cases using a mailing list with Mailman is a better option. Small mailings may not require GroupMail and may be able to use Outlook.



  • Send identical message to everyone subscribed to your list
  • Manage moderation/archive/subscribers
  • Use for large lists of people
  • Allows people to remove themselves from the list


No charge service provided by IST. See Bulk mailing.


  • Intended for single messages.
  • Groups up to 150 could be included in a single message
  • Limits on sending might be reached (1000¬†emails in 24 hours)

Outlook mail merge with Word / Excel

  • Allows customization but is a slow process
  • May be acceptable for smaller mailings (up to about 50)
  • Not always clear whether messages are sent



  • Allows personalized email messages (mail merge)
  • Can be configured to pause while sending so does not hit limits on email traffic
  • Handles HTML templates more consistently than Outlook
  • Provides feedback on whether messages are sent


  • Sold per machine
  • Various editions depending on volume and other requirements

Where to buy

Course notes

  • 'Introduction to GroupMail' course notes can be found on¬†SharePoint. Use your WatIAM account and password to sign in, and then select "ITPD Handouts" in the left panel.