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Scott Anderson

Supervisor, Learning Environment
519-888-4567 x42509
Location: EC2 2006F

Koorus Bookan

Learning Systems Collaboration Tools Specialist
519-888-4567 x46749
Location: EC2 2006G

Javier Carrasco

Maintenance Technician, Presentation Services
519-888-4567, x40062
Location: EC2 1012C

Roj Cherian

Maintenance Support Technician
Location: EC2 1018A

Marcel David

Manager, Presentation Services
519-888-4567 x46198
Location: EC2 1012B

Dutch (Rick) denBroeder

Technologist, Presentation Services
519-888-4567 x41207
Location: EC2 1012D

Daspina Fefekos

Computing Consultant, Learning Environment Specialist
519-888-4567 x41341
Location: EC2 2006A

Pam Fluttert

Director, Instructional Technologies and Media Services
519-888-4567 x45919
Location: EC2 2004
Link to profile: Pam Fluttert

Dan Gibson

Presentation Technologies - Implementation & Support
519-888-4567 x41017
Location: EC2 1014B

Robert Laurin

Media Production Specialist
519-888-4567 x43259
Location: MC 1088

Funmi Onikan

Computing Consultant (Learning Environment Training and Support)
+1-519-888-4567 X40357
Location: EC2 2006B

Liam Podhornik

Presentation Technologies - Implementation & Support
519-888-4567, x40853
Location: EC2 1012A

Joshua Sabourin

Presentation Technologies-Implementation & Support
519-888-4567 x41025
Location: EC2 1018A

Stephen Tosh

Computing Consultant, Learning Environment Specialist
519-888-4567 x48753
Location: EC2 2006D

Sean Warren

LMS User and System Support, Learning Environment
519-888-4567 x46950
Location: EC2 2006C