Contacts for specific applications

Application contacts may be able to assist with:

  • Technical consulting for supported versions
  • Arranging training
  • Local configuration settings and "look and "feel"
  • Working with the application installer
  • Tracking current versions and working with appropriate staff (e.g. departmental and corporate project staff) to investigate, test, and track deployment.

The service objective is to respond to application inquiries within 2 business days.

Who to contact

If you have a question/problem with any of the applications in the table:

  • Faculty and students:
  • Staff:
    • contact your local computer support representative
  • Service desk staff and Computer support representatives:
    • use the table below as a reference if you need extra input regarding an application issue

Application contacts 

Application Jira form for support Help resources
Adobe Service Desk Jira ticket Adobe software articles
Apple software | Apps Service Desk Jira ticket Apple articles
ArcGIS (ESRI) Esri ArcGIS Jira ticket Esri ArcGIS software
Atlassian (Confluence/Jira Service Management) Atlassian Jira ticket Confluence | Jira SM
BlackBerry Service Desk Jira ticket BlackBerry articles
Chrome Service Desk Jira ticket Chrome
ConsignO ConsignO Jira ticket ConsignO articles
Crowdmark Crowdmark Jira ticket Crowdmark articles
DUO Two-factor Authentication (2FA) DUO 2FA Jira ticket DUO 2FA articles
Eduroam Wi-Fi Jira ticket Eduroam articles
Email | Calendar Email Jira ticket Email & Calendar articles
FireFox Service Desk Jira ticket Firefox articles
Groupmail Service Desk Jira ticket GroupMail article
iPad Service Desk Jira ticket iPad articles
LabView STEM applications Jira ticket LabVIEW software articles
LaTeX  STEM applications Jira ticket LaTeX software articles
Licensed Software Service Desk Jira ticket Licensed Software
Linux (Ubuntu) Service Desk Jira ticket Linux articles
Macintosh OS | Mac-specific applications  Service Desk Jira ticket Mac articles
Mailman New mailing list request Jira ticket
Service Desk Jira ticket
Mailman articles
Maple STEM applications Jira ticket  
MatLab & toolboxes STEM applications Jira ticket MATLAB articles
Microsoft Office IST Account Rep Jira ticket Microsoft apps articles
Microsoft Stream MS Stream Jira ticket Microsoft Stream articles
Microsoft Teams Service Desk Jira ticket Microsoft Teams articles
Microsoft Teams Live Events MS Teams live event request Jira form Teams Live Events overview
Mobile Device Service Desk Jira ticket Mobile Device articles
OneDrive IST Account Rep Jira ticket OneDrive articles
OneNote Service Desk Jira ticket OneNote articles
Overleaf (Online LaTeX Editor) STEM applications Jira ticket Overleaf FAQ
Qualtrics Qualtrics Jira ticket Qualtrics articles
Safari Service Desk Jira ticket Safari articles
SAS STEM applications Jira ticket Using SAS
SharePoint IST Account Rep Jira ticket SharePoint articles
Skype for Business (S4B) Service Desk Jira ticket S4B articles
SPSS STEM applications Jira ticket Using SPSS
Survey and voting tools Service Desk Jira ticket Survey and voting tools
Thunderbird Service Desk Jira ticket Thunderbird articles
Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service Desk Jira ticket VPN articles
Waterloo Content Management System (WCMS) WCMS Jira ticket Web Resources How-to documents
Waterloo Photos Waterloo Photos Jira ticket Waterloo Photos User Guide
Webstore Webstore Jira ticket Webstore articles
Windows  IST Account Rep Jira ticket Windows articles
Zoom Service Desk Jira ticket Zoom articles