Contacts for specific applications

Application contacts may be able to assist with:

  • Technical consulting for supported versions
  • Arranging training
  • Local configuration settings and "look and "feel"
  • Working with the application installer
  • Tracking current versions and working with appropriate staff (e.g. departmental and corporate project staff) to investigate, test, and track deployment.

The service objective is to respond to application inquiries within 2 business days.

Who to contact

If you have a question/problem with any of the applications in the table:

  • Faculty and students:
  • Staff:
    • contact your local computer support representative
  • Service desk staff and Computer support representatives:
    • use the table below as a reference if you need extra input regarding an application issue

Application contacts

Application Application contact
Adobe Acrobat Professional Cassie Bechard (PC)
Glenn Anderson (Mac)
Adobe Reader Cassie Bechard (PC)
Glenn Anderson (Mac)
Adobe Photoshop Glenn Anderson
Android Steve Carr, Rusmir Salihspahic
Apple Quicktime and Apple Quicktime Player Glenn Anderson
Apple Mail Glenn Anderson
ArcGIS (ESRI) Jennifer Keir
BlackBerry Rusmir Salihspahic
Chrome Steve Carr, Rusmir Salihspahic
Exchange and Office 365 email/calendar Will LewisJennifer KeirKeith Peck
Faronics DeepFreeze Peter Schepers
FireFox Stephen Markan
Ghostscript/Ghostview Steve Carr
Groupmail Tom Kelly, Mike Huynh
Internet Explorer Susan Beaupre
iPad Glenn Anderson, Mike Huynh, Rusmir Salihspahic
iPhone Mike Huynh, Rusmir Salihspahic
LabView Will Lewis, Steve Carr
LaTeX Steve Carr, Will Lewis
LibreOffice Stephen Markan
Linux (Ubuntu) Steve Carr
Macintosh OS including Mac specific applications such as Photos, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Preview, iMessage, screen sharing Reg Leland, Keith Peck, Glenn Anderson
Mailman Keith Peck
Mailservices Jennifer Keir
Maple Will Lewis, Steve Carr
MatLab & toolboxes Will Lewis, Steve Carr
Microsoft Office Word - Cassie Bechard, Lisa Tomalty Excel - Reg Leland, Jennifer Keir PowerPoint - Keith Peck (Windows), Glenn Anderson (Mac) Access - Keith Peck OutlookStephen Markan (Windows), Keith Peck (Mac)
Microsoft Teams

Meagan Lai, Stephen Markan, Heather Wey


Rusmir Salihspahic (Windows, Android), Keith Peck (Windows and Mac), Glenn Anderson (Mac and iOS)

OneNote Will Lewis
Overleaf, Online LaTeX Editor Steve Carr
PuTTY Steve Carr
Request Tracker 4 Lisa Tomalty, Jennifer Keir
Safari Glenn Anderson
SAS Jennifer Keir
sftp - Mac Glenn Anderson
SharePoint Services Stephen MarkanHeather WeyMike Huynh
Skype for Business Matt Harford (Windows), Glenn Anderson (Mac)
SPSS Jennifer Keir
Thunderbird Stephen Markan
Waterloo Content Management System (WCMS) Andrea Jennings, Heather Wey
WatVote Glenn Anderson, Heather Wey, Will Lewis
Webstore Will Lewis, Steve Carr
Windows 7 Susan Beaupre
Windows 8 Susan Beaupre
Windows 10 Susan Beaupre