Action required by faculty/instructors in Arts, Environment, Health, and Science | Student N: drive (files) service end-of-life planning

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

What is happening? 

  • Effective April 30, 2023, the IST-hosted individual user network drive (N: drive - fileu) service will no longer be offered for employees in the Faculties of Arts, Environment, Health, and Science. OneDrive will replace N: drive as the centrally supported user file storage tool. Associated employee profiles (filep) will also no longer be available. 
  • In addition, IST is working towards discontinuing student N: drives (files) and related profiles (fileq) for students in the Faculties of Arts, Environment, Health, and Science. This timing is to be determined, but if there are no roadblocks, IST will align this change with the April 30, 2023, date.
  • Please note, Faculties of Math and Engineering host their own N: drives and are not included in this change.

What do faculty members and instructors in Arts, Environment, Health, and Science need to do?

  • Please update all course notes that reference N: drives to point to an alternate, University-supported storage option (e.g., OneDrive).
  • Please contact IT staff in your faculty if you use software that saves to N: drives (for course work or other work) as soon as possible.

Why is this happening? In comparison to N: drive,OneDrive offers a more user-friendly and robust file storage solution. With 5 TB of storage, OneDrive offers a significantly greater amount of storage space compared to the N: drive. OneDrive also allows users to access, share, and collaborate on files from anywhere on any device. Visit the Migrating N: drives to OneDrive project page ​for more benefits.

Additional Resources 

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