Moving Request Tracker (RT) “-general-“ queue to Jira Service Management (JSM)

Thursday, November 11, 2021

What is happening? As part of the transition to the new support ticket tracking and management tool Jira Service Management, the Request Tracker (RT) “-general-“ queue, which accepts support requests emailed to, and, will be configured to no longer accept such requests. 

What is the impact? Individuals submitting support requests to these emails will receive a bounce back with instructions to resubmit the request via the IST Jira Help Portal. The Help Portal offers intake forms specific to the services offered, allowing teams to receive and process the request more quickly. Not sure which form to submit your request to? Use the IST Service Desk General form and we’ll ensure the support request gets to the correct team. Update your bookmarks to or use the easier to remember alias,, to quickly access the IST Help Portal. 

What if I have an open RT ticket? Existing RT tickets will not be impacted by this change; you will still be able to comment and/or reply to the ticket within the RT system, or by replying to the ticket emails. For example, email to any of the above emails with "[UW-RT #1234567] " in the subject line will go to the existing RT ticket 1234567.

What if I submit tickets directly to other RT queues? RT queues that are still in use, and already have an email address associated with them in the form of, will continue to work. 

When will this change take place? Thursday, November 18, 2021.

Questions or concerns? Please contact Andrew McAlorum, Director, Client Services, IST. 

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