Web conferencing platform review and consolidation project

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Web conferencing tools at Waterloo

During the pandemic, the number of web conferencing platforms used by employees and students to support remote teaching, learning, and job responsibilities increased considerably. This increase has resulted in some confusion around which tools are recommended and for what use case(s); a disparate set of support models and resources; and a lack of consistency for employees and students who may be required to use multiple platforms across courses and job duties.

What’s happening? 

Information Systems & Technology (IST) has launched a project to review the web conferencing platforms available and determine which tools will be recommended and fully supported by IST, with the goal of reducing the growing set of tools to a smaller, more sustainable offering.

What does this mean to me?

A survey will be shared in early January 2022 to gather feedback on web conferencing needs and functionality requirements. This feedback will be integral to determining which tools will be recommended and fully supported by IST. The project team will assess the survey results along with other suitability factors such as cost, resources to support the platforms, fit to campus environments, etc., and share a decision in early February on which tools will be supported by IST, along with a transition plan.