International visitors to Waterloo

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The University of Waterloo welcomes many international visitors to campus throughout the year. To help you navigate the process, we have included links to the various support units that can assist you with your visit.

If you are interested in bringing an international delegation to campus, our International Relations section provides detailed information.


When we open our doors to international students, not only do we encourage academic learning, but we’re also giving students access to new cultures, opinions and a globalized worldview. A strong global presence creates a more internationalized campus and greater diversity. 

The Student Success Office (for undergraduate students) and Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (for graduate students) provide and facilitate programs for international students. Please contact their offices for more information about the services they offer.

Postdoctoral fellows

Our campus hosts many postdoctoral fellows as they engage in research activities that will further their professional and scholarly development.  

The Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs office provides support and resources for postdoctoral fellows and offers guidance to faculty and staff who hire them.

Visiting Scholars (researchers and faculty)

Visiting scholars from around the world come to our campus each year to teach, lecture and conduct research. The scholar may be an individual who has an affiliation with a post-secondary institution, research facility, or department in a public or private organization. 

Professors and departments individually invite and host visiting professors/researchers – it is not done through a centralized department. If you are interested in doing research within the University of Waterloo, you will need to contact the individual professor within your field of research and enquire about being hosted within their research group. Once this is established, the hosting individual will make the appropriate arrangements for your visit.

Our Legal and Immigration Services office assists visiting researchers and faculty with the legal requirements of working at the University of Waterloo.


Staff visitors come to our campus to take part in professional development typically as part of a staff exchange program through an international agreement with an international partner, or a funding opportunity available through the University of Waterloo or a partner organization. 

It is important to arrange a Waterloo host in a faculty, department, research centre, or institute prior to planning your visit. Please consult with our Legal & Immigration department to determine what further information is necessary to support your visit here.

Our Legal and Immigration Services office assists visiting researchers and faculty with the legal requirements of working at the University of Waterloo.

Other visitors

We welcome many other international visitors to campus, including:

  • Academic business visitors 
  • Academic examiners/evaluators
  • Conference attendees
  • Guest speakers
  • Guest lecturers

If your purpose for visiting the university matches any of the above, please have your host at Waterloo connect with our Legal and Immigration Services department to determine what further information needs to be provided to support your visit here.

If you are coming to visit the University of Waterloo and are interested in a campus tour or simply need directions on campus, please contact our Visitors Centre for information.