Information for incoming staff/faculty

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IRCC work permit applications

Applications for work permits are processed through Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) either online, through a Visa Application Centre, through a IRCC Visa Processing Office or at a Port of Entry as you are entering Canada. Be sure to read thoroughly what you are responsible for when making such an application. The University of Waterloo will provide you with all of the required employer documentation to include with your application.

IRCC's website for working temporarily in Canada.

What you require prior to applying

You must meet the IRCC eligibility requirements before applying for a work permit.

Before you submit your work permit application, your employer must:

  • provide a formal signed letter of appointment or employment contract
  • make the appropriate submission to IRCC for approval of the offer of employment to a foreign national
  • pay the requisite processing fees for the submission to IRCC
  • provide back to the you confirmation from IRCC in support of the offer of employment.

Processing times may be lengthy, and early submission of applications as soon as all prerequisites are met are recommended. The processing of immigration documentation is individual and confidential to the applicant. The University of Waterloo will not and cannot assist or request to have the processing expedited for any immigration documentation.