Visitors - Including Visiting Students, Scholars, Researchers, IVGS, PDFs, Professors

If you have been formally invited and appointed to the University of Waterloo to conduct or collaborate on research as a "Visiting Professor," "Visiting Scholar," "Visiting Researcher," "International Visiting Graduate Student (IVGS)" or "Visiting Undergraduate Student," you are deemed as a worker under Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). In most instances you are required to apply for a work permit in order to take up this visit/placement here at Waterloo. Your letter of appointment from your host supervisor's department and/or Faculty will provide to you information about the kind of immigration you will need to apply for. Keep in mind that the immigration application is confidential and individual to you - the University of Waterloo cannot "guarantee" that you will be eligible for the required immigration documents necessary to take up the placement here.

Before arrival to Waterloo

After arrival to Waterloo