Visiting scholar pre-arrival checklist


As a University of Waterloo host we invite you to share these checklists with your visiting scholar.  As a visiting scholar we invite you to work with your host to get each item on the list completed to ensure a successful and enjoyable visit to our campus.  Between the visitor and host we suggest investigating and planning for each item on these lists, as applicable to your situation.

Pre-arrival checklist

This checklist identifies important items and documentation that each visiting scholar should be aware of and encouraged to make corresponding arrangements prior to travel to the University of Waterloo. The checklist should be provided to visiting scholars at the same time as the Letter of Appointment

  • Passport (valid minimum six months beyond anticipated end of visit) with appropriate Canadian entry permit
  • copy of signed University of Waterloo Letter of Appointment
  • Curriculum Vitae/ Resume
  • University of Waterloo Information for Foreign Visitors form
  • details of local housing arrangements
  • details of airport transfer arrangements
  • packing list (clothes, personal documentation, personal items, toiletries, medications, electronics)
  • banking arrangements (proof of funds and access to home funds prior to local bank set-up)
  • complete health, dental, and vision checkup prior to departure
  • University of Waterloo campus map
  • review the University of Waterloo Holiday listing for employees to be aware of closures on campus

Arrival arrangements

  • if arriving by plane, provide directions for Airways Transit or car service (e.g., BlackCar) from Toronto’s Pearson Airport
  • if arriving by train/bus, arrange to meet in person at Kitchener Via/GO station, Kitchener Bus Station or campus Bus Stop (DC or BMH)
  • if arriving by personal vehicle, provide directions to campus and offer welcome upon arrival

Orientation checklist - campus

The following items should be covered and discussed as part of a comprehensive orientation to the University of Waterloo campus.  It is the responsibility of the University of Waterloo host to provide this orientation or make arrangements for this to be done on their behalf by a qualified colleague.

  • arrival information session (personal introductions, orientation)
  • review responsibilities/expectations during stay
  • campus tour (either led by host or arranged through Visitors Center)
  • Human Resources (establish presence and ensure documentation is in order; linked to UHIP registration)
  • register for UHIP coverage ($230) - may require payment from host department if visitor cannot access funds at time of registration
  • obtain Watcard – Student Life Centre
  • obtain library access – Dana Porter or Davis Centre
  • obtain Health Services information – Health Services Building
  • obtain access to Athletics & Recreation – Physical Activities Complex
  • English language classes/training
  • introduction to staff and faculty within host’s academic unit and faculty
  • introduction to non-academic support units (as necessary)
  • determine research access needs and secure necessary approvals
  • WHMIS training, if necessary (can't be initiated until IT account is setup)
  • arrange desk space
  • request web access (WatIAM)
    • guest IT account (can take time; seek pre-approval and make arrangements with IST to ensure immediate setup upon arrival)
  • ensure Visiting Scholar is added to departmental/unit mailing lists and listservs (as necessary)

Orientation checklist - community

This list includes information which serves to familiarize a newcomer with the Kitchener-Waterloo community.  The University of Waterloo host is responsible for addressing these items and providing on-going support and advice in directing the visitor to local amenities as required.

  • groceries & other shopping
  • health care (doctors, dentists, pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, emergency services)
  • banking (can take several days to set up a local bank account so need to be prepared for the transition period and how to be able to access funds for at least the first week upon arrival)
  • social groups
  • local tourism highlights
  • local activities (based on personal preferences)
  • transportation options - Grand River Transit (GRT), GO Bus, Greyhound