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  1. Sep. 17, 2020Immigration Landscape Sept. 2020

    Immigration Landscape Sept. 2020: As the current crisis moves into its sixth month, the Canada-US land borders continue to remain closed to non-essential and discretionary travel (pursuant to Federal Government and legislative mandatory rules), online application processing for all Canadian immigration documents have slowed down significantly and finalization on current Permanent Residency applications have been delayed.

  2. Jan. 13, 2019Res Controversa - New Issue

    See our most recent issue. 

  3. Dec. 20, 2018Travelling over the Holidays

    As the holiday season has arrived, travel to/from Canada is expected. The University of Waterloo will be closed for the holiday season between December 22nd, 2018 to January 1, 2019, inclusive.

    If you are planning to travel, it is your personal responsibility to have all of your immigration documentation in order before travelling. Be aware that due to the high volume of travel questions at this time, responses about immigration requirements will be delayed.

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