About the Project Management Office


The vision of Information Systems and Technology’s Project Management Office (PMO) is to be leaders in higher education for the identification, planning and execution of strategically aligned projects.


The PMO’s mission is to use and promote industry best practices, adapted to local need, to provide a department-wide approach to identify, prioritize and successfully execute a portfolio of IST work (i.e., initiatives, and projects). 

The mission is accomplished by achieving the following goals:

  • Promotion and consistency of IST services and processes related to project, program and portfolio management
  • Maximize utilization and leverage resources
  • Offer greater potential for skills growth and specialization amongst IST staff in key areas such as change management, risk management, portfolio/program/project management, and enterprise architecture
  • Provide project/program management and enterprise architecture tools and assets to improve planning and decision-making, support programs and projects, and enhance agility

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