Prior to project or program initiation

Artifact/Deliverable Small Medium Large
Checklist of artifacts for small, medium and large sized projects, programs or initiatives
Feasibility study (DOCX) optional x x

Request a project (or initiative)

x x x
Project intake meeting   optional x

Business case/business case amendment



Information Risk Assessment (or equivalent review)



The process prior to project or program initiation often includes identification of the various elements required for successful IT project delivery, including analysis of risk and long-term sustainability. The service supports decision making processes that enable campus units to be engaged and its clients (or customers) to collaboratively develop, evaluate and discourse project ideas.

For large and some medium sized projects, the process includes completing a project request, a business case, contact from the PMO regarding the proposal, and discussion meetings. The end result of this process is a funded, strategically aligned, feasible, well-formulated project request/idea, collaboratively reviewed by appropriate committees or business stakeholders. The procedure stages an approved project proposal for project initiation where a project charter is developed and a project manager is assigned.

The information provided in the proposal will help to:

  • understand factors such as strategic alignment, financial requirements, people resources, risks and timing constraints that may affect the project;
  • assess long-term sustainability and feasibility of the project's solution;
  • provide valuable information for project sponsors, collaborators and team members for dialogue, collaborative decision-making, and project progression purposes;
  • provide visibility into IT work;
  • identify who needs to be involved in/informed of decisions regarding the proposal; and
  • create a solid foundation of information related to the project and overall portfolio.

It is understood that the information provided is what is known at the time of submission, and serves as a basis for meeting and discussion to progress the project.

You are asked to complete the request for a project, program (or initiative) using the form. Once submitted, the PMO will follow-up with your request.

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