Managing Change on Projects

What is change management in projects/programs?

Change management manages the people side of a change that is being introduced by a project.  It is a process that can be followed to assess the impact of a change on stakeholders and how to transition them through the change.  Effective organizational change management will increase the likelihood of success for the project by achieving the desired behavioural outcomes that enable the delivery of value.

Why should I consider change management for my project/program?

  • to avoid undesirable or surprise behaviours by the stakeholders impacted by the change
  • to increase the likelihood of project success by increasing adoption, acceptance and enabling the delivery of value through the achievement of desired behaviours
  • to enable trust and respect for this project and future projects
  • to ensure the culture/organization/people are ready for the change
  • to reduce project risks and, potentially, project costs
  • to reduce frustration and misunderstandings

When should I start planning for change management for my project/program?

If your project/program results in a change that significantly impacts stakeholders, this change should be considered before the project is even initiated by thinking about change readiness.  Is this the appropriate time and solution, based on the impact to stakeholders?

If the decision is made to go ahead, change management should be included in the scope during project initiation and should be an integral part of planning and execution through stakeholder engagement, communications management, and including specific change management tasks and deliverables within the project schedule and timeline. Successful management of change should be considered when defining project success criteria in the charter, and measured during project closure and beyond.

How can I access the change management tools?

Information, tools, techniques, and courses can be found on the change management website. If change is a part of your project, it is recommended you consult the change assessment document (zip file).

To request assistance with change management on a project, please submit a ticket to the PMO.