Project planning deliverables and objectives

Methodologies are a tool box comprised of processes, guidelines, techniques, software, and templates. The tools and how they are used are selected to fit the project so that the risks and complexities can be appropriately managed for that unique project. The chart below outlines project management deliverables and tools that can be used in project planning. An 'x' indicates that deliverable or template is highly recommended based on a project's size or complexity. Larger initiatives are also included in the chart, since they can also benefit from some of these tools.


Small Medium Large Initiatives

Scope baseline (PDF)

1. Work breakdown structure

(last revised Apr 11, 2016)

2. Scope Statement

3. Requirements


(WBS optional)


x x

Budget baseline (if there are costs associated with project)


x x x x

Schedule baseline (PDF)

1. Delivery approach (waterfall, agile, iterative, incremental)

2. Schedule

3. Milestone timeline


(milestone timeline optional)



Project management plan

(last revised April 26, 2016)

  recommended x  

Communications plan

(last revised May 26, 2015)

recommended x x  

Training plan

(last revised June 12, 2018)


updates to RAID log (risks, actions, issues, decisions)

(last revised Nov 13, 2023)

recommended x x x

updates to Project participant goals

(last revised Dec 11, 2015)


updates toStakeholders register

(last revised May 1, 2015)

  x x x
Post planning health check     x  
Execution health check (approx every 6 months)   recommended x  

The planning phase deliverables are a set of living documents through the duration of the project.  They change as more information becomes available through project execution, or as change requests are approved.

Project initiation frames what the project is, but the time and detail that is spent with the planning phase will directly determine how efficient the project will be executed.

The planning phase provides the primary tools that will determine how to complete a project within a defined time period, budget, and set of resources to meet objectives and benefits.  Appropriate planning will allow the Project Manager to be proactive towards completing the project more efficiently. The planning phase answers and/or clarifies the questions What (scope and success criteria), Who (resources), When (schedule), and How (management plans and budget).

"...if you do not know where you are going you neither know how to get there nor even when you have arrived!" -- Max Wideman

The project planning phase objectives answer the following questions:

  1. What are the goals and/or objectives of the project, and what will the project deliver?  (defined in project management plan(s) (success criteria), and scope baseline)
    • verify initiation documentation to clarify goals and/or objectives and expected benefits
    • establish success criteria metrics/measures to ensure stakeholder expectations are met, according to project goals/objectives, benefits, and scope
    • define the deliverables and establish a clear end state with acceptance criteria
  2. Who will do the work? (defined in scope baseline, and schedule baseline)
    • determine required skills and negotiate for appropriate resources to successfully execute project work within desired time frames
    • delegate accountability for project tasks required to achieve results
  3. When will the work be done? (defined in schedule baseline)
    • create the tools necessary to effectively coordinate and organize the work, and track progress during project execution
  4. How will the work get done? (defined in project management plan(s), and budget baseline)
    • determine, communicate, and plan for projected costs
    • establish a clear understanding of project constraints (budget, scope, time, quality) and the flexibility of each
    • avoid ambiguity and duplication of work
    • increase probability of success through appropriate risk management and mitigation to reduce uncertainties and avoid unnecessary delays
    • ensure appropriate stakeholder communication and transparency of work

Please refer to the planning phase input output diagram for more information on stakeholders, inputs, outputs, and deliverables.

PMO services to support project planning

  • facilitation or consultation towards
    • defining measures for success criteria for your project
    • drafting project management plan(s)
    • creating scope, schedule, or budget baselines
  • execution of project health checks

To request these services, please submit a ticket to the PMO.