Stakeholder Register

Stakeholder Register (XLSX)

Purpose of Stakeholder Register

The purpose of the stakeholder register is to document who is impacted by the project/program, and their influence and impact on the project/program. This document will become an important tool towards project/program planning, team forming and developing, defining success criteria, communications, governance, and defining tasks and responsibilities. A complete stakeholder register that is created early in the project and monitored throughout increases the likelihood of success of the project by ensuring appropriate stakeholder engagement.

Stakeholder Register Participants and Approvers

Input into the stakeholder register may come from many different sources including, but not limited to, Sponsor, senior leadership, project/program intake form and/or business case, analysis/research, subject matter experts within business unit(s), and interaction with other stakeholders. The author is the Project Manager or Program Manager for the project/program. The stakeholder register should be reviewed by the Team, Sponsor, Business Analyst, and Project Owner for completeness and accurateness.


The Project/Program Manager can begin filling out this document during initiation with a high level list of stakeholders and any information that may be known at the time.  This is important towards ensuring the proper group of people are invited to the project kickoff meeting. During Planning, more detail will be added to this document.

  1. Research and understand project stakeholders by reading any prior documentation and speaking to the sponsor and other stakeholders.  The Project Artifacts Library may be a source of information to research similar projects.
  2. Complete the stakeholder register with input from applicable stakeholders and the sponsor. Green instructional text can be removed from the document.
  3. Review stakeholder register with applicable stakeholders for accuracy and completeness.
  4. Upload to the project's document repository.
  5. Continuously review the Stakeholder Register throughout execution for any changes in stakeholder influence or impact, especially if there are changes in scope or requirements.

Next Steps

Once a preliminary list of stakeholders is identified during project initiation (and the charter is approved), the project kickoff meeting can be scheduled. The list of stakeholders will be used to ensure the appropriate people or groups are contacted and are part of the project team forming process and kickoff. During planning, further details concerning influence and impact will be added to this document. This document will then be used to create the project/program management plan, schedule, communications plan, etc. Continue monitoring the stakeholder register throughout project execution for any changes.

Supporting Information